AdNi OS: My Seductress

It is sheer delight to see the person you love seduce you to this extent. And that is what Mrs. Raizada is doing to me right now. I can see a twinkling in her eyes as she extends her palm to hold me. Oh! Her touch! I have been craving for it since so long. With her slim tiny fingers, she deftly divests me of my clothes. I see her eyes widen a bit and a small gasp escape her mouth seeing me standing naked in front of her, a reddish hue rising up her cheeks. Even after seeing me naked so many times, she still feels, her gasp confirming that she is surprised seeing my length. This turns me on even more.

However, these initial expressions are short-lived as I notice a hint of lust in her eyes. My seductress is back! I can’t wait to lose myself to her. I feel her warm fingers touching my cold body and an electrifying sensation runs through the course of my entire body stiffening me. She holds me firm and rungs a finger along the entire length. She bites her lower lip looking at me. Her smouldering eyes scorching me. I close my eyes in pleasure. Why is she torturing me? I groan.

She places a soft kiss on me. Oh! The feel of her lips as soft as rose petals! I have missed this so much. A soft moan escapes my lips. She licks me lightly, the contact of her tongue scorching my body. I see her eyes getting darker with desire. She runs her tongue along the sides licking me. She sucks me lightly. Aah! I let out a throttled moan. She continues to taste me with gentle licks and bites. Desire overpowers me even more. I want to be inside her delectable mouth.

As if on cue, she takes me fully in her mouth. I groan louder melting inside the warm crevices of her mouth. It feels nice to be inside her mouth after a long time. She keeps going at it and I find myself losing as she takes me to new heights of pleasure. I know I am nearing my nearing my end. I am about to reach my climax when I hear the door click open. I feel the loss of her warmth as she quickly removes me from her mouth. She smiles apologetically at me and blushes hard looking at the intruder.

I feel anger rise inside me having been disturbed at such a private moment. “Enjoying alone, Bhagyavaan?” I hear the intruder say. “Seeing you like this, for the first time I feel like having a chocolate ice-cream”, he continues. He saunters inside the room with a lazy smile. My insides boil seeing him smirk, or as my lady love likes to refer ‘tedhi smile’. “But Advay, you cannot have this. You have cold, right? You were sneezing all morning.” My innocent seductress tries to save me from his ruthlessness. “A little bit won’t harm, Chandni”, I hear him say as he takes me in his rough palms. I look at him with disgust. I despise his touch. No! No! No! I do not want to be in Advay singh Raizada’s mouth. I close my eyes tightly as I am lifted by him and then feel extreme pain. I open my eyes to see myself lying on the table.

“I will have it my way, my Katto Gilheri”, he says and leans over my seductress to kiss her tasting me from her mouth. My heart constricts seeing my seductress giving herself to him. I know that Advay Singh Raizada is jealous of me since I am his wife’s secret lover.  One day, Mr Raizada, one day, I will have the whole attention of your wife, my seductress, only on me. I promise to myself as the rich Belgium chocolate inside melts and disappears into oblivion.


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